Why You Should Recycle Your Cell Phone

A majority of people on the planet use cell phones today. The phones have a limited lifespan leading to an industry where millions or billions of the devices are produced annually. This means there is a large amount of cell phones being thrown away every day. Those devices need to be recycled. Here is why you should recycle your cell phone.

Protect the Environment

Over 4 billion people use cell phones globally. It takes a large number of rare and petroleum-based resources to produce that amount of phones on a regular basis. Recycling your cell phone will help to protect the environment. Many rare elements and important components can be extracted from old phones and reused. This reduces the greenhouse gases released through manufacturing and refining virgin materials.

Potentially Help People in Need

A recycled cell phone might be refurbished and reused. Many electronic waste processing centers have programs to do just that. This means your old cell phone could potentially end up being repaired and then sent out to needy families, educational institutions or community centers. This will help those in need.

Prevent Health Problems in Your Area

Cell phones contain many toxic chemicals and metals. Those toxic substances can leach out into the soil, fly up into the air or saturate local water supplies when cell phones are tossed into landfills. The results can be serious health problems for surrounding communities. Recycling cell phones will help to prevent these health problems in your area.

Keep Personal Information Safe

Anyone who is using a cell phone likely has personal information on the device. This can include your name, address and list of friends. There might be information in text messages. Advanced phones can contain browser histories and cookies. Criminals going through trash could extract that information. Recycling a cell phone will keep your personal information safe. Recycling centers will wipe or destroy any data on a phone.

It Is Likely the Law

Only around 12 million out of 141 million cell phones are recycled annually. The rest ended up in landfills or on the ground. This causes many problems for local municipalities and states. This is why so many laws are being passed mandating that cell phones be recycled instead of just tossed into the trash. You should be recycling your old cell phones because either it is currently the law in your area or it will be soon.

Avoid Harming Animals

A final reason to recycle your cell phone is to avoid harming animals. Wildlife and domestic animals could run across cell phones that were discarded improperly. The animals could choke attempting to eat the phone. An animal might also be poisoned or die chewing on the phone due to the battery and toxic materials inside. You can prevent this from happening by simply recycling any cell phones you no longer need.