Utilizing Mobile Tech to Enhance your Options

Mobile technology offers consumers and businesses endless ways to connect with others, research information and strategically spend money. Because so many consumers now rely on their smart phone for daily life, businesses should incorporate technology into all their processes. Here are three different industries that directly benefit from mobile technology.

Consumer Benefits
When it comes to business, mobile tech offers convenient payment options for consumers. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who struggle to remain competitive with large, established businesses. For example, food truck and home cleaning businesses use mobile technology to accept credit card payments, inform mobile customers of changes and offer exclusive deals. More and more companies are offering cloud-based services for customers, including conference, telephony and customer account features. Many health care companies offer cloud-based solutions so that health care consumers can access their medical records, order prescriptions and schedule appointments. Because more consumers are accessing websites via their cell phones, mobile optimized websites are an absolute must.

Business Benefits
Traditional brick and mortar businesses benefit by empowering their sales teams with the tools needed to succeed. These include finance, productivity and communication apps. For example, budget apps allow sales personnel to create invoices for customers or send expense reports to accountants with only a few swipes. These tools usually integrate with popular email, scheduling and business software programs. On the other hand, project managers use mobile technology to increase agility, stay on track and reduce costs. Mobile apps allow project managers to quickly access information, monitor budgets and request updates through social media. From a financial administrative side, entrepreneurs and small businesses can use mobile apps to perform mundane banking tasks.

Marketing Benefits
Marketers struggle to attract and maintain the attention of consumers, who can easily swipe or click to another screen to avoid ads. Mobile technology allows marketers to send text alerts and reminders to consumers. This means that marketers have the ability to contact consumers in ways that are non-intrusively convenient. Consumers appreciate when banks send low balance or completed transaction reports. Retails companies can alert consumers when their desired products are in stock or discounted. Text polling is a popular way for marketers to engage consumers through eliciting votes on new or existing products and services. Mobile coupons save paper, time and money. They allow retail clerks to either scan the cellphone through the POS or visually acknowledge the coupon to add the discount.

As a final thought, many educational organizations are embracing mobile technology in order to enhance learning environments and promote student achievements. Mobile apps offer collaborative platforms with exercises, assignments and learning resources. There are many excellent proprietary educational apps specifically designed for classroom instruction. Mobile technology also encourages students to visually learn through accessing videos and social media.