The Ultimate E-Cigar Guide for Beginners

Cigars are a potent symbol of success. They have been a part of celebrations and special occasions for decades. Smoking a cigar joins you with lineage of cigar enthusiasts including Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, and King Edward VII of England.

Unfortunately, traditional cigars come with many downsides. The odor stays on your clothes for days and forces smokers to congregate outside. The harsh smoke frequently causes a sore throat the day after indulging, too. Cigar smoke has also been linked to cancers of the lung, larynx, and throat.

If you want the pleasurable feel and look of a cigar for your next event but don’t want to deal with all the negative consequences of smoking, e-cigars may be just the thing you’re looking for. The best ones feel and look almost exactly like the real thing and provide a satisfying smoking experience that will please even choosy cigar aficionados.

Generally, e-cigars are disposable, but they still last significantly longer than traditional cigars. Most models last for at least 200 puffs, enough for many smoking sessions. From a distance, it is hard to tell that a good e-cigar is electronic because the outside is constructed to precisely recreate the look of a natural tobacco wrapper. An LED on the end of the cigar lights up to simulate a flame. This light is usually covered with a translucent screen to mimic the dull glow of cigar ash.

The inside of an e-cigar is made up of a canister of e-juice and a battery. When you puff, the battery heats the e-juice, turning it into a vapor that you can inhale like smoke. You can find e-cigars with a variety of different flavors to suit different tastes. Some brands use full-flavored e-juice to simulate a robust, dark cigar, while others use milder, sweeter fluid that novice smokers may prefer. You can also find e-cigars with hints of honey, vanilla, and other food-inspired flavors.

Cigars are smoked very differently from cigarettes, and consequently e-cigars are designed to feel different from e-cigarettes. Good e-cigars respond to you puffing on the end like you would while smoking a real cigar, rather than inhaling as you would on a cigarette. E-cigars also produce more “smoke” than e-cigarettes and tend to taste a little stronger.

E-cigars are relatively cheap compared to some other vaporizer products. You can get a decent e-cigar for around $15, about the same amount you would pay for a decent cigar in a tobacco shop.