How to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show: Tips and Tricks

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to really connect with potential customers and gauge firsthand their interest or interaction with your brand. Rather than depending on mass media marketing to hopefully grab the attention of your target audience, trade shows provide an in person chance to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Of course, to really stand out from the rest of the pack, you need to think outside of the box, beyond having the biggest booth or the shiniest banner. Consider the following tips in making sure you get your message across at your next trade show.

1. Understand the event.

Getting to know the event organizers can be key in getting your company premium recognition at the show. This means reaching out to the event organizers personally to share how excited you are about the upcoming show and perhaps even volunteering your time or services to make the event a success. You are sure to get some valuable connections and greater recognition at the event than you would have, had you just shown up and set up your booth.

2. Work the crowd.

Your booth will speak for itself. If your display is interesting and attention-grabbing enough, attendees will be sure to take a look. This means that you do not have to be shackled to your booth. Getting out there and really interacting with attendees and even other presenters will make your message much more personalized and memorable.

3. Move beyond visuals.

Think outside of the box about attracting people to your stations. Some music, special lights, or an in-person demonstration will give your booth a boost of fun and uniqueness that will make people want to pause and take a second look. Depending on the product or service your are exhibiting, consider also adding in a special effect, such as a spotlight to attract guests or some interactive element to your exhibit.

4. Think beyond promotional materials.

While giveaways that are branded with a company logo are great, you may want to consider also adding a food or beverage item to your booth. It may not be branded with your logo, but the hospitality gesture will leaving a lasting and personal impression upon your attendees.

5. Work as a team.

Exhibitions are always more successful when more than one representative from the company attends. This multiplies your opportunities of reaching potential customers and means that someone will always be available at the booth while other representatives interact with the guests.

Given that trade shows are one of the most effective ways at getting serious return on investment in marketing, it makes serious sense to put your best foot forward in making your next event worthwhile.