How to Know When to Call Your Doctor For Peyronies Disease

Peyronie’s disease affects a large number of men today. It is the development of scar tissue or plaque within the male genitalia. Minor versions of the condition can go largely unnoticed or will fade in time. Others might develop into something far more serious. Here is how to know when to call your doctor for Peyronie’s disease.

Maintaining an Erection Becomes Impossible

Up to 23 percent of men could develop Peyronie’s disease over the course of a lifetime. Men suffering from the condition will almost always have some type of difficulty maintaining an erection. This is often because of pain or the interference of the plaque within the body. It is time to see a doctor if maintaining an erection becomes impossible for you. This means that the disease is advancing and you will require treatment soon. A doctor might be able to perform a surgical procedure to repair the issue.

You Become Unable To Urinate Normally

The plaque that builds up internally can start to affect the urethra over time. The change in curvature or even plaque developing alongside the urethra can actually start to narrow the channel. It could eventually end up being almost completely blocked. You want to see a doctor right away if you become unable to urinate normally. You should schedule an appointment even if you just start to notice a small difference when you urinate.

Pain Persists All Day Long

Peyronie’s disease does cause pain that can range from slight discomfort to intense and overwhelming. Men who have the disease generally feel this pain only when experiencing an erection. A potential complication of the disease is that you could have persistent pain all day long whether you have an erection or not. This indicates that the scar tissue or plaque might be damaging your nerves or causing other peripheral problems in the area. See a doctor if this occurs.

Anxiety Starts To Interfere With Your Life

Around 29 percent of people experience some type of anxiety disorder. Peyronie’s disease is known to cause anxiety in men. This anxiety is normally restricted to social situations or intercourse. The anxiety could grow out of control and start to affect every part of your life. You want to see a doctor if your anxiety has started to make following your normal routine or fulfilling your responsibilities impossible. Medications could help you to start living a normal life again.

You Cannot Have Intercourse Due To Pain

Intercourse can be painful with Peyronie’s disease. This is part of the condition. You need to stop and do something if you cannot have intercourse at all due to pain. This means the pain is so intense that intercourse is simply not an option anymore. There is a chance that medications or surgery might be able to relieve the pain so that intercourse is possible again.