How to Cope with Divorce: The Parents Guide

Anyone who has gone through a divorce is well-aware of the pain and stress that it causes. The separation from a spouse and living on your own as a single parent with children can make it challenging to enter the new season of life. Although divorce can be challenging, there are a few tips to follow to cope with the process.

Find a Support Group

Many people suffer from feelings of loneliness and depression after going through a divorce, which can make it easy to feel isolated. Find a support group through your family members and friends with people who can offer their advice and guidance as you move on. You want to have conversations with other people who have had the same experience and can offer their expertise on how to heal.

Stay Busy

Although it can be easy to want to stay inside and avoid going out after a divorce, this can make it easy to dwell on old memories and the pain that you’re suffering from. This can also delay your children from moving on from the pain if they stay cooped up indoors with you. Make it a point to maintain a busy schedule by furthering your education, practicing new hobbies, and performing volunteer work.

Let Go of Guilt

According to, guilt can be a destructive feeling that makes it difficult to remain emotionally healthy. You may regret certain decisions or actions that you made while you were married, but it’s important to learn from them and move on. This may require that you apologize to the victims that you hurt, including your children.

Don’t Jump Into Dating

A common coping mechanism for dealing with divorce is to jump back onto the dating scene to avoid your feelings. According to, avoid rebounding or feeling pressured to date again until you’re ready. This can make it difficult to mourn your failed marriage and move on when it’s time. Each person requires a different amount of time to heal and move on, which makes it important to begin dating when you feel emotionally ready to take the next step forward.

You also want to consider your children’s needs and remain sensitive to how dating can affect them. It may take over a year for them to feel comfortable with having a new adult around, making it important to communicate until everyone in the family is ready.

Although there isn’t a formula for coping with divorce, there are specific tips to follow to ensure that you can heal and remain strong. By taking your time and making positive changes, it’s possible to look forward to a new season in your life.