5 Reasons a Stairlift will be a Selling Feature in your Home

A stairlift is something that you do not see every day in a home. There was a time when stairlifts were routinely removed before putting a house on the market for sale. Things are different now. Here are five reasons why a stairlift will be a selling feature in your home.

It Appeals To Buyers with Elderly Relatives

Many people who are looking for a home will have elderly relatives. There is a good chance that those relatives might come over to visit or even move in with the homeowners. A stairlift appeals to buyers with elderly relatives. The stairlift makes it possible have over older family members who will be able to get up and down the stairs without problems. It eliminates the chance of injuries and falling. This can make your home very appealing when placed on the market.

It Is a Rare Feature

Most homebuyers today are looking for houses that are distinctive and not just a generic building. Certain architectural features or amenities can make a home very popular once it is put up for sale. A stairlift can be a selling point for your home because it is a rare feature. Not many homes in the country have functioning stairlifts already installed. Buyers might actually enjoy the idea of having a stairlift in the house even if there is no immediate use for it.

Stairlifts Can Help If Someone Is Injured

Over 40 million people visit emergency rooms annually due to sudden injuries. This means that there is a good chance someone in the household might sustain a serious injury at some point while living there. A stairlift is a good selling point because it can help immensely if someone in the family of the homebuyer is injured and experiences mobility issues. The stairlift will make it possible for that person to continue moving between levels of the house even while wearing a cast or recovering.

A Stairlift Provides Convenience

A stairlift does not have to be only for the elderly or people with limited mobility. It can be used by anyone in the house from children to healthy adults. A stairlift provides an added level of convenience. It can be used whenever someone is too tired to walk up or down the stairs. It can help when trying to move something fragile up the stairs. A stairlift gives homeowners an added option for getting around that is not present in most houses.

Future Buyers Might Appreciate It As Well

The number of elderly people in the country will increase by 27 percent in the coming decade. A current homebuyer might see the stairlift as an asset because the next buyers could be much older. This means the stairlift will add to resale value of the house in a few years or a decade from now. The stairlift will permanently increase the value of the house in the future.