5 Outings for Ceramic Organizations

You’ve got a group of artists and crafters who are excited about the ceramics field. Now, the task is figuring out what your group should be doing together. Regular meetings to talk about ceramics and pottery only go so far. Make a point of furthering your skills and raising awareness of the arts by participating in some of these outings.

Harvest Your Own Clay
If your organization is in an area with natural clay deposits, it might be fun to get out there and harvest your own clay. Before heading out, watch the video posted at Ceramic Arts Daily on how to harvest and process your clay.

Visit a Museum Exhibit
For inspiration, the group could head to a museum or art gallery with a ceramics exhibit. This is a great way to learn more about the ceramic arts and for younger artists to see how professionals earn their living. Sometimes, museums will offer group rates if you order tickets in advance.

Tour a Ceramics Facility
Take a tour of a manufacturing facility in the area that produces ceramics. There are a number of different practical applications for clay from simple sewage pipes to the tiles used on the outside of the space shuttle. Visiting a place likeĀ Superior Technical Ceramics is a useful vocational activity for college based organizations.

Take in a Seminar
Even professional artists can continue improving themselves by attending a pottery or ceramics seminar. You can sign the group up for a conference in the local area and make a day of attending different panels or demonstrations. These events may include a mixture of seminars for all skill levels from beginners to expert clay throwers.

Rent a Table at an Art Fair
If your organization is producing some attractive pieces, consider going in on a booth at the local art fair. This allows members to put up one or two of their best pieces for sale in the booth. You will also be able to raise awareness of your organization at the booth with signs, banners, or brochures.

Part of the goal of a ceramics organization is to help advance the arts and encourage the personal development of group members. These outings can aid members in a number of ways from learning more about ceramics, to seeing how its used vocationally, to adding to their personal skill sets.