5 Must-Have Wedding Photos

Most couples who have a wedding often feel as if the day goes quickly due to the excitement and sentiment of the special day. Although the day may end too soon, the photographs that are taken make it easy to remember each moment for a lifetime while reliving all of the same emotions. To ensure that you can enjoy the best parts of the day for years to come, there are a number of moments to have captured by your wedding photographer.

1. The First Look

Whether you decide to see your bride or groom before the ceremony or when you see each other at the altar, the first time that you see each other in your wedding attire should be captured on camera, according to nhregister.com. The look on your faces and the tears in your eyes can be relived each time you view the photo.

2. The First Kiss

After saying “I do,” the first kiss marks the start of husband and wife and the love that you have for each other. This is a must-have wedding photo that you can display in your home, which will symbolize your new life together. According to¬†guardianlv.com, aerial shots of the ceremony are also popular with a unique vantage point that is captured with the use of a small drone.

3. The Bride and Groom Dance

Some couples choose to hold each other during their first dance while others perform a memorized dance routine that they practiced before the wedding day. Your bride and groom dance represents who you are as a couple and is a special time where you’re surrounded by your guests and can have fun in a beautiful setting.

4. Cake Cutting

Whether you decide to serve each other a bite of your wedding cake or have fun by smashing the dessert in each other’s faces, the moment that you cut the cake is significant of your union during the reception.

5. The Getaway

Many newlyweds end their wedding day by asking their guests to blow bubbles or hold sparklers as they make their getaway in a car after the reception ends. Ask your photographer to shoot your getaway where you’re surrounded by all of your family and friends at the end of the night.

You only have one chance to capture your wedding and the best parts of the day with photos that will hold a significant amount of value. Although there are a number of details to remember during the event, there are a few moments that make for must-have photos and that you can treasure with your spouse. The photographs will not only make for decor that can be used in the home but will signify the start of your lives together for a day that can be relived.