5 Frugal Ways to Remodel Your Laundromat

While looking through your laundromat, you might notice the ordinary rows of washing machines and dryers. There are probably vending machines with snacks or a machine with detergent and dryer sheets. Instead of keeping the plain and simple design of the laundromat, you can do a remodel that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

When some people visit the laundromat, they have their children with them. Add a play area with a few board games, coloring books and a table so that children have something to do while waiting on the laundry to finish. This will allow parents to get their work done without the interference of children perhaps getting clothes on the floor or getting hurt on one of the machines.

Snacks are sometimes desired while washing clothes. Consider revising the vending machines that you have so that there is a larger variety of items. Make sure the prices of the items aren’t too expensive. You can get bulk items to put in the vending machines so that you can offer a lower price for customers. Also, add a drink machine with juices as well as sodas as some people might not want soda all the time. A coffee bar is another idea to consider. You can get coffee at a low price and make it in your own coffee maker, serving it in cups with sugar and cream to the side.

Folding stations are easy to add to the laundromat. All you need are a few small tables where customers have space to fold their clothes. You can line the tables in a row along one wall so that they are out of the way of the washers and dryers. Some customers enjoy folding their clothes before taking them home so that it’s one less job to complete.

You want to make a sitting area for customers. Don’t put chairs in the middle of the rows of washing machines, but you want to place them close to the area so that customers can keep an eye on their laundry. Cushioned seats provide as much comfort as possible. Add a few tables so customers can place a drink, and keep a few magazines for customers to read while waiting.

Install a few televisions or arcade games so that customers have a form of entertainment while waiting. This will likely go a long way in bringing customers back to your store as they will see that they don’t have to simply go there to wash and dry clothes.