4 Watches To Consider Buying In 2016

Watches are making a comeback. Yes, the wrist accessory we left in our underwear drawers because our smartphones told time is regaining traction. People wear them for fashion, communication or both; we just don’t need it to tell time. The single function watch we stuff in our drawers is outdated. It is futile to convince my friends that the eighties are making another comeback, so I am leaving my SWATCH in the drawer.

As much as I like fashionable technology, there are things to consider before making the financial commitment. I should also consider buying my significant other a watch, so we both have a functional wrist. Here are the watches I’m considering for their fashion and their function and price.

Diehard Apple fans are excited for the Apple Watch 2 to come out. Apple Watch 2 will have a sleeker device and better connectivity; it’s rumored that the watch will have a wireless modem of cellular service as many customers desired. It the price point being cut down to $299 from its legacy product makes the Apple Watch 2 worth my consideration.

Those wanting fashion in their wearable tech, the Guess Connect watch is an option.From afar, the Guess Connect look like the typical high fashion watch. The fashion tech hybrid allows fans of the Guess brand to connect their wrist to their phone via Bluetooth. Wearers can access emails, text messages, and voicemails without touching their phone. The Guess Connect is compatible with both the iPhone and Android. Buyers have to pay a hefty price to have the fashion and function. The price for the standard model is $379.

What I am hearing from fashion-forward friends is that wearing your tech is last year’s fad. Watches are making a comeback in the fashion arena, especially among my male friends. A watch allows a man to accessorize while keeping his classic masculinity. Among the men’s fashion watches, the Bulova offers the most design options and diverse price points starting at $250. The Bulova Precisionist is one of the top ten rated selling models for men’s watches for 2016.

Bulova offers women’s styles that resemble their men’s line; however, the women I know like to wear bold accessories. The Calvin Klein Stainless Steel Cuff Watch looks like a trendy bracelet. Its modern design is classic enough to go with everyday wear. The timepiece has Swizz quartz precision. The watch is priced at from $133-$440.

I have a lot to consider in the next week. I want the best watch I can get without breaking my bank. I’ll skip Baselwood this year. Stay home and deeply the consider the great options I have found on my own.