3 Growing Trends in the Jewelry Industry

Staying trendy with your accessories can be hard because fashions are always changing. This year, jewelry trends have taken a huge turn. We used to be wondering what color jewelry we should be wearing or how many rings on which finger was trendy. But now we are wondering what part of our bodies we should adorn.

This is because the jewelry trends we’ve been seeing lately have been all about accentuating certain parts of the body that often don’t get much attention. We are talking about places like the upper part of each finger, your lower arms and the upper parts of your ears. Yes, jewelry trends in recent years have been moving toward adorning your entire body with different jewels, and we are loving it!

1. Arm Jewelry

Have you ever heard of arm jewelry? Chances are that you haven’t, but this year you definitely will. Arm jewelry is becoming increasingly popular. Arm cuffs are particularly famous among celebrities in Hollywood and beyond.

These cuffs are usually made of silver, gold or some sort of tough material, and they clamp onto your arm tightly so that they stay in place. You can put them on your lower arms or upper arms. The only thing we don’t like about arm jewelry is that it can be get a little annoying and can leave a red spots if you wear it for too long.

2. Ear Cuffs

If you don’t have your ears pierced but still want to wear jewelry on them, don’t worry about it. Ear cuffs are super popular right now, and they don’t seem to be heading out the door anytime soon.

Ear cuffs are like arm cuffs, but of course, they are smaller, and they fit onto the top parts of your ear. The only thing that can get annoying about ear cuffs is that they may leave red spots and get a little itchy just like the arm cuffs because they need to clamp on tightly in order to not fall off. That being said, this is a super cute trend that is great for people who don’t want to poke holes in their ears just for the sake of jewelry.

3. Midi Rings

Midi rings have been around for a a while, but they are truly making a comeback this year. A midi ring is a smaller ring that you were on the top parts of your fingers. They are big enough to fit over the very first knuckle that you have at the top of your finger, but they are small enough that they don’t keep going down your finger. Instead, they tend to rest right above your main knuckle. Midi rings tend to be thin, small and adorable.