3 Common Moving Mistakes When Packing Up Your Kitchen

Whether you are moving down the street or all the way across the state, packing up all of your belongings and moving them is stressful and full of complications. One of the most complicated rooms to pack up in the kitchen, due to the large number of breakable items, appliances, oddly shaped belongings, and small parts. The Huffington Post urges people to not throw all of their belongings together at the last minute when packings. Here are 3 common moving mistakes when packing up your kitchen.

Not having a Packing Strategy

Without a clear strategy for packing your kitchen, you will end up with a lot of wasted time and a lot more boxes than needed. Rather than winging it and throwing kitchen appliances into boxes without thought, think through what needs to be packed, first to last. Don’t pack up your toaster a week before you move if you use it every day.

Instead, make a packing calendar that details the order in which things can be packed away. Set day to day tasks so your entire kitchen doesn’t go missing before you leave the house. Packing should be prioritized to your needs.

Aside from a timing strategy, it is important to know how you will pack all of the items you are bringing. Make sure you have boxes big enough for your appliances and remember all of the oddly shaped tools you have in your cabinets.

Refusing Help

Packing the kitchen is especially stressful because there are so many small items to pack. Doing this alone can be a daunting task. It is a common mistake to underestimate the time needed to pack up a kitchen, so accept the offer of a lending hand to cut that time by half.

Professional packers are a great options for the kitchen in particular, due to the fragility of the items that are being packed. They know how to best store away awkwardly shaped items and use as few boxes as possible. The American Moving and Storage Association claims that while packing yourself may save you money, it might also create a greater risk for your possessions during the move. Professional movers are able to use professional materials and save you time and stress, which may be more valuable to you than some extra money.

Not Having Packing Supplies

Do not try to pack plates and glasses in a weak box with no protection. Make sure you wrap all of your delicate items, as they will be tossed around in the truck and are likely to break. Moving boxes are often not handled with care, so work to protect your breakable belongings.